I wanna show you what's possible


I'm Jenn and I'm a psychic channeler.

I offer intuitive guidance for when you're stuck.

You might feel like you're always a little bit stuck, or this is just a moment where you're really stuck, but there's a thread of familiar to it and, what you know for sure, is that it won't relent.

That's where I come in. xo


clarity comes when you start asking the right questions


Soul Path Intuitive Guidance

I channel on behalf of your soul: 

the part that maybe got lost because you were too busy tending to matters too big for your growing heart, or because someone saw your power and decided it would better serve their needs, or life just got untenable for awhile there (maybe it's been like that forever) and you don't know how to get back because you don't even know what you're looking for.


You can't stop looking. 

And you wanna know if there's anything looking back.


There are things standing in your way; things that you believe about yourself that may, or may not, be true.

Your Spirit wants you to start looking at them differently, with A LOT more compassion for yourself and for others, so you can be the best version of you there is, with what you already have.

There's truly NO ONE else who can do what you do.

I can't help but see it. Would you like me to show you what I see? 

If you're ready for intuitive guidance about your soul path, book a session. It would be my absolute pleasure to read for you. xo 

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How do you read energy?

When I channel, the information is coming from your spirit guides to show your soul the way back to its home. I translate the message into words and give them to you. We don't need to be in the same room, or even the same time zone, for it to work.

The information is usually karmically tied.

I've been actively studying energy for 12 years and working with it professionally for 5. The way I channel is a combination of knowing how to listen to spirit's messages as they arrive in my body, receiving the message, and tapping into the shared energy field so I offer the information in a way that makes sense to you through our shared vibration. 

I'm often guided to work in the wound/wisdom space and continue to deepen my understanding and compassion as I work in such tender places. I'm eternally grateful for my teachers, especially the ones I struggle to welcome and understand. 

The path of gratitude is often one of humility. I'm always striving to do both better.

People know when they're supposed to work with me. Some know right away, some watch me for awhile, but there's a recognition that happens.

I offer workshops and intuitive mentorship if you would like to further develop your own intuitive skills.

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My heart feels so much.

I share it because it makes it less of a burden, but it also sometimes helps connect people with their own heartwords.

I write about being an empath who's learning her magic outside of co-dependency so the lack I already know no longer rules my hearts/pace.

I wanna show you (and me!) that patriarchy is a very convincing sham, and that grief is the most powerful way I know to feel love.

I'll tell you that absence is a powerful teacher and confusion is the bearer of clarity, if you're willing to follow it through the forest to the tree of understanding.

Everything alive has roots, you know. 

I think I know some things, or have a lot of opinions anyways, about those things...

I promise to always tell you the truth as I understand it, even when I look naive, because I know failing and flailing aren't actually that far apart from one another when you're trying to recognize yourself in the fray. And sometimes, the only way to learn what you're working with is to get in there and figure-fight your way out.

Read on. Let's see where this goes.

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I'm not afraid to answer tough questions.


How to meet for a reading

I do readings out of my home in Halifax, NS, usually over the internet. If you live locally, and you would like, we can meet in person.

My space isn't wheelchair accessible, but I can do distance readings, or travel within the HRM, if accessibility is a reality for you. Let me know. We can work it out. I'm my own boss :)



I channel for the greatest good, which isn't always the same as the easiest way.



A pretty unique way of working

"Jenn has a remarkable gift of uncovering the intrinsic wisdom we have about ourselves, but that is often shadowed or hidden, and brings it to light in a very real and simple way.

Her natural intuitive abilities, coupled with a fiercely open and non-judgemental approach creates opportunities for profound growth and healing. I have never had so many 'aha' moments as I have in listening to and being heard by Jenn. I am extremely grateful to know and learn from her."

-Carley J.