All of us are called to step forward in ways that are unique to our growth, but not having anyone there to see us step forward means it stays a theory. I see people grow. I genuinely do.

This work is designed for anyone ready to get out of their own way. I focus on making the lessons really central to your experience through core principles that help you believe in yourself, even when you're facing some pretty harrowing truth.

The folks I work with are experiencing transformations, not necessarily of their choosing, but they're choosing to go through it with grace and acceptance. That's not to say they've transcended any of the human struggle, but they've been able to locate themselves as worthy despite the struggle (the struggle may actually never go away in your lifetime. Some lessons, like grief and absence are experiential)

We're doing the work for the future, and I'm aiming for the future beyond my own human flesh experience, so I do hard work. And I do it well.

Working with what's true and real, instead of just hopes and dreams, actually opens up possibility to achieve things differently. Taking different avenues that are more honest and human tend to the actual needs that are present.

It's not that difficult in theory, but it's very difficult in practice because the world is kinda mean. And, I know mean isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's difficult to soften into challenging lessons when all you can feel is your own failure at not getting it right yet. It's impossible to do alone if the gap of understanding started in trauma.

This work starts where you are and presupposes nothing.

I believe you actually know what you need and my 'job' is to help you remember how to remember. I have always served that way, but over the past few years, as I've kept stepping forward, I've been meeting parts of myself that I abandoned to survive.

I do not blame myself for this. And I take responsibility for them, too.

This isn't about feeling bad anymore. It also isn't about skipping over the things that make you feel bad. It's about stepping towards the truth so it can step towards you, too.

There is nothing but possibility when you choose to love yourself in order to become beloved by your own definition.


The program includes:

-Five sessions, about 90 minutes long. 

-individual session breakdown notes delivered through email after each session.

-therapeutic principles for you to work with whenever you encounter struggle. These can be revisited and revisited. 

-lists of resources (websites, books, art) that have truly helped me when I know I have to go it alone.

-3 month subscription to the weekly meditation subscription program I offer.

-email support between sessions. I hope that you have lots to say, and I am so honoured to hear your truth, shaky and almost honest is usually where I start. I don't demand perfection, I welcome what comes :)

-access to the huge body of experience and information I have.

You might want to sign up because: 

-you know it's the right time

-you're going through challenging growth and you could use the extra support.

-you're choosing to go into some notoriously difficult emotional terrain and you could use the extra support.

-you don't know how to get out of the confusion.

-you don't know how to slow down enough to actually figure out what you're supposed to be doing.

-you're tired of the apathy and procrastinating.

-you know you can do better, even though you don't know how you know, but you do.

-you deserve the extra resources because you're doing the work of more than one human. 

You might not want to because:

-you want definitive answers, not information to work with.

-you don't have the money or the time.

How it works:

$500. Payment plans are wildly available. The 5 sessions need to be completed within 4 months, this leaves about 2-3 weeks maximum between sessions, which gives a good amount of room for applying and integrating the principles without forgetting them completely.

If you're local to Halifax we can do the work in person. If you're not, then we meet through an online scheduling platform called zoom. I record the sessions and email them to you so you can listen to them over and over forever.

Or until the revolution takes away the internet.

Tender growth work needs both space and discipline.

Let me show you how to access yours with more compassion and humanity and desire to do it.

Loving yourself into courageous humanity is the difference.

If this sounds like the right thing at the right time, let's get started.

Reply. It really starts with you reaching your hand into the light that's always there.

I'll reach back. 

You shouldn't be living in shame anymore.

We are allowed to be strong. Give yourself permission. 

I believe in you when you can't. Yet.


email to set it up!