I'd rather be a forest

Other hearts are adding their accompaniment, and mine is becoming part of a larger song.

Please. If you hear it, keep humming. 

The earth needs to know you remember your whole self. 

Not your place, but where you belong.

Someone else is there already.

And they live hidden in you, too.

Because I need to hear it sometimes:

These grief places get trapped in you, mostly because you're not strong enough to get out of them, yet. This is the way your body keeps you safe.

You don't need to learn more about yourself, you need to trust what it's already telling you.

The body knows how to deal.

Dear fear of failure:

The truth is, you are allowed to make your own rules. You are. You are allowed to speak aloud your venom and dissatisfaction. You are allowed to be aggressive and uncompromising. You are allowed to speak and speak your truth until you feel heard

What harms me

I’m making amends with my tattered edges, and struggling to identify a world in which respect is the standard. 

It’s not hard to imagine what it could feel like to be respected, but it still seems unlikely in most interactions.

After a year of single I can finally identify that dancing and floor weeping myself through sad and exhausted is this particular divorcees ascent to sovereignty. 

It’s far from ideal.