Because I need to hear it sometimes:

Because I need to hear it sometimes:

Emergence is tough work, but you've already done this much.

You lived under the earth fro so long, willing yourself towards light, cracking open and spilling everything out.

Now, the smallest, most tender, more nutrient dense shoot has broken through the surface.

Now what?

Its hard having this new growth exposed, tending to it is key.

Allow. Make space. Clear what chokes it out.

Oppositional forces help us learn balance.

What if you could examine your shame without judging yourself?

What if you could feel your grief without drowning in it?

What if you could make room for distraction and despair and confusion instead of finding yourself in them with no way to get out?

These grief places get trapped in you, mostly because you're not strong enough to get out of them, yet. This is the way your body keeps you safe.

You don't need to learn more about yourself, you need to trust what it's already telling you.

The body knows how to deal.

You expect and demand a lot from yourself, which makes you appear rude and impatient, but it's really just to cover that place (you know the one) that's always been sticky because someone somewhere convinced you of your worthlessness.

You don't have to carry it for them. You can put it down.

Vigilance and efficiency keep you small and tricked into believing you're safe.

Wouldn't it be nice to just relax, though? Maybe even have fun.

What if you could stop asking yourself why, and start focusing on the way you know how.

I'd rather be a forest

I'd rather be a forest

Dear fear of failure:

Dear fear of failure: