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Intuitive guidance and mentorship.


Jenn Richardson


Contact for discount when multiple sessions are booked.

Some folks know that multiple sessions are what they actually need, but they don't want to do the mentorship. This is more like spiritual guidance, counselling, allyship, and witness. I have some people who choose to visit this annually, almost like maintenance, and some who drop down at that very right time and I don't hear from them again.

Each reason is as unique as the individual and I'm grateful for our shared time together.


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Intuitive reading

$125/hour. Sessions are recorded and emailed to you. — Channeled for the greatest good. Feel free to bring some questions. Many people find it beneficial to take some time to think about what they want to ask, and what they're looking for clarity on. 


Spirit will answer the question that needs answering. It might not necessarily be the one you wanna ask, but it is to serve you in ways you may not be able to see, yet. And there's almost always time for questions.

During the session, the more open you can be to receiving your own guidance the more will come through. The channeling is from your own personal wisdom offered through my understanding of the energy, not the issue you're facing challenge with. 

This isn't therapy, it's intuitive guidance.

There are certain things that arrive with a very distinct feeling to me, but I have no idea what your particular story is, unless you tell me.

In my work, the story isn't what's important necessarily, the reluctance to getting into the wisdom/lesson is.

I'm not the good housekeeping answer.

I'm the bridge, however it shows up, and I'll walk it with ya.

I ask questions then listen for your answer, knowing it might not ever arrive in a way that's completely satisfying, but the mystery itself is beautiful. Even, and especially, when it's shrouded in mist but bathed in diffuse morning light.

Personally, I don't think it's worth trying to figure out the how or why of magic, but it is worth discovering what illusions are fooling you into thinking that you don't have any. 

Remember that you, upon remembering yourself, will finally see that you are the deep gasp of delight from the lungs of every single morning's sunrise.

Get in touch and book a session, magic one.

Intuitive Mentorship/Development

5x90 minute sessions, $1000. Virtual support for the time we work together. Intuitively customized program.

Individual payment plans wildly available.

*3 spots opening June 2018*

Outline for the work:

Session 1: Sacred space making.

Finding ritual and routine through repetition.

Seasonal shifting vs wisdom shifting

2: Surviving empathy.

How to listen to what's important to you when you hear EVERYTHING! (even when you don't want to.)

Reading for others opens us to unseen energy and can pull us into destructive cycles. Know what's yours and consent to what isn't before you help someone else. 

Cord cutting. Ceremonies for endings and crossings. Ally work. TRUST YOUR SPIRIT FRIENDS!

3: Reclamation. 

Emotions are language. Speak your truth, not someone else's theory. 

Taking power back by owning your story.

Separating truth from feeling and myth from story.

4: Becoming allied with what destroys.

Anger and fear. Tempering heat. Holding stillness. 

Working with your own potentially destructive energies safely/fiercely.

5: Liminal mapmaking.

Using your intuitive lens. 'Seeing' with your intuition means learning how to look at things differently.

Spiritual tools/maintenance/hygiene

Looking through spiritually fresh eyes means bringing tools, not a map, and finding the way with what you got.