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How to book a reading:


1a) If you have any questions get in touch through my contact page.

1b) If you don't have any questions then book using the online scheduler below.

Scroll down, book in, let's do it :)


2) If the time slots I have open don't work for you, get in touch through email ( 

I offer some sessions each week outside of my schedule.

I can't work all hours, but I do work odd hours, especially for women who have little to no time for themselves, because work/life balance under patriarchy is a nice idea but not reality, amirite? 

3) Wait for my response. It's usually pretty fast, but if it isn't it's because I'm busy, not because I don't adore you reaching out. I do. I really do. Thank you for asking for what you need.

4) I'll respond with the confirmed time slot and your link for payment. You will need to respond with how you would like to meet (FaceTime, Zoom, facebook, telephone, in person, astral projection)

5) You pay, we meet when it's time. I record the reading and email it to you when we're done.

6) The magic is now yours. Easy peasy.

Contact for discount when multiple sessions are booked.

Some folks know that they need multiple sessions, but they don't want to do mentorship. This is more like spiritual guidance, counselling, allyship, and witness. I have some people who choose to visit this annually, almost like maintenance, and some who drop in at the very right time for their growth.

Each reason is as unique as the individual and I'm grateful for our shared time together.

The sessions are recorded and help get you focused forward when stuck is where you've landed for awhile.

email for more info.


Intuitive guidance, support, and mentorship.


Jenn Richardson


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