Tiny Apartment Workshops

five people max. held in my home. so cozy. great snacks. reasonably priced.

if you wanna join us, and money is a problem, get in touch, I'll find some sponsorship for ya. If you need to be here, you should be here. We need you. You need you. You are valuable in a way that doesn't include coins and debt. I know it, even if you ARE kind of an asshole when you're hangry.


creating a ritual

Do you have something to shift, to invoke, or you just wanna learn how to plan a ritual?

I'm leading an afternoon workshop in my tiny apartment that'll teach you HOW TO build your own ritual so that you can begin to work with the non-human beings. If you're used to things falling down mid flight, there's likely a few reasons, but one may be that you're ONLY relying on humans. They are fickle and lots are pretty unreliable. Maybe you are, too.

No judgment, it's tough to follow through with so much going on in your world, but you can begin asking for divine support. I'll go through the key elements to creating an effective ritual for invoking change and transformation.

My goddamn fave place to play :)

Saturday, July 14th. 1-4pm. $75. Materials included!

Get in touch (customheart@gmail.com)to sign up and get the address :)

oracle card workshop

Intuiting oracle cards well, whether for yourself or a friend, is more than reading the book that comes with it, it's developing a relationship with the metaphors and images and colours and sense impressions and hidden in plain sight messages.

The messages can sometimes feel too esoteric to work with, and how do you know anyways? The workshop will focus on understanding how YOU read the cards. I'll show you how to receive information, there's so many ways your body is already filtering information and they are IMPORTANT! Using oracle cards can leave a lot if room for interpretation, your intuition helps to fill in the assumptions with information.  You can trust it.

$25. Thursday, June 28th. 7-930-ishpm. Full moon in Capricorn!

I'll have you reading for yourself and each other confidently.

A couple of brewskis is my secret. jk, jk. kinda :)

Get in touch (customheart@gmail.com) to sign up and get the address :)



heart healing sessions

Practical information and exercises that will allow you to do general energetic heart maintenance by yourself. I do think it's important to have a great healer/bodyworker, but I think we can maintain our energetic bodies on the daily with information on how to recognize symptoms of imbalance and unwellness.

The heart is the bridge between form and formless and so many of us have great big hurt-y holes there.  Personally, I think that when we invite balance, and practice maintaining it, from a place of love then the rest of the energetic body follows. There's a settling that naturally occurs, and a confidence that naturally radiates.

four weeks in September: we gather together so we can help each other heal. Reciprocity is vital. Witness is key.

Monday nights. Sept 3, 10, 17, and 24. 7-9pm $120

Get in touch (customheart@gmail.com)to sign up and get the address :)